How To Find The Best Fly Fishing Guide Trip Based On Your Skill Level

Fly fishing isn't as complicated as you might think it is, and if you want to learn, you can take a fly fishing guide trip that can help teach you the basics of the sport. You may be an expert fly fisherman, but you feel maybe there is still something to learn and would like to take a guided trip to see what a professional could teach you.

There are fly fishing guided trips that anyone can take based on their skill level that can provide tips for a successful fishing trip and more. Here are some tips to finding the best fly fishing guided trip based on your skill level.

They Plan The Trip Prior To The Day

It doesn't matter whether or not you are a novice fly fisherman or have been doing the sport for years, the best fly fishing guide trip expert for your skill level will meet with you prior to the day of the trip. 

They will sit with you and explain the basics of fly fishing, introduce you to the rod and flies you will be using, and even show you some techniques all while you are still on dry land. They will answer any questions you may have and also explain the safety procedures while on the boat.

If you are already experienced with fly fishing, your guide will speak with you about your skill level and what you would like to learn while on the trip. They will talk about which fish are in season to catch in that area, and also give you advanced tips on catching the fish you want.

The Guide Is Prepared And So Is The Boat

On the day of the fly fishing guide trip, you should find that your guide is prepared for your arrival. A good guide will have arrived at least an hour before you to prepare the boat with the equipment needed and have any food or drinks that you have requested ready - if that's a service they offer.

They should have also had the boat prepared, at least the night before, ready for your trip. You don't want to arrive and have to wait while the guide prepares the boat by filling the fuel tanks or cleaning up after the last trip. The boat should be fully prepared for you and your friends.

They Should Help You During The Trip

Regardless of your skill level, your fly fishing guide trip should leave you with more skills than you came with. This means, your guide should be helping you with tips and techniques during the trip. 

They should suggest fish you can try to catch and how you can go about catching them. They should not force anyone to try to do anything they aren't comfortable with or to try to catch any fish they don't want.

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