Renting An RV On Vacation: 4 Tips

Renting an RV can be a great way to see outdoor sites and attractions while you are on vacation. It's wonderful to have the freedom to explore nearby trails and fields. Renting an RV is pretty simple, but there are a few tips you'll want to follow to make the experience better and more enjoyable.

Bring your insurance information.

If you have auto insurance, it may cover you when you rent an RV from an RV rental company. Call your insurance company to find out for sure. If your insurance plan does not cover you, then you will want to ask the RV rental place about their insurance plans. Most rental places do offer insurance so that if you end up in a collision, you won't be responsible to pay. As fun as RVing can be, there can sometimes be accidents, so having some sort of insurance is essential.

Rent the appropriate safety equipment. 

Most RV rental places also rent helmets. Some also rent reflective safety vests, which will help keep you safe if you're riding near roads or at dusk. If you do not own this safety gear yourself, then you should absolutely rent it from the RV rental company. It's worth paying a few extra dollars to keep yourself safe.

Make sure you know how to drive it before you go too far. 

After you obtain the RV from the rental company, ride it around near the rental agency a little bit. Experiment with all of the functions and controls, and make sure you know how to use everything before you venture off too far. This way, if you have any questions, you can ask the RV rental technicians without having to travel too far.

Choose an RV that's appropriately sized for you.

It's tempting to be really ambitious and to choose the biggest RV available. But while renting a super-large RV may sound fun, it may not pan out to be a good experience if you have a hard time handling the vehicle. Ask the rental place for an RV that is the appropriate size for your body and your ability level. You'll have more fun, and you'll have a safer experience, too.

If you follow the tips above, renting an RV on vacation will be so much more fun. The trails await, and now it is up to you to answer their call. Good luck, and enjoy!

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