How To Plan A Yacht Charter

Is this your first yacht charter? Before you prep, and pack, take a look at what you need to know about planning a first-time yachting adventure.

Select Your Guests

Is this a family vacation, a business retreat, or will you travel with a few of your best friends? When you're at sea, you can't leave if another guest becomes problematic. As you create a guest list, consider:

  • How many guests do you want to invite? The charter company will provide you with a maximum number of guests. But that doesn't mean you have to fill every spot. Decide how many people you feel comfortable traveling with.
  • How well do you know your guests? More specifically, are they more than just acquaintances? If you don't know how your guests will behave on charter, you may not want to invite them. High conflict, drama, or unwelcome behavior can ruin the trip for everyone.
  • Can your guests pay? If this isn't a gift to your guests, make sure the charter is in their budget before you invite them to spend money they don't have.

Along with these considerations, decide whether you want to allow children onboard or have other personal restrictions to make before you choose a guest list.

Choose a Date

When should you book your charter? The answer varies for individual guests and depends on several factors, including:

  • Your vacation plans. Do you already have a vacation planned? Will it include the charter time?
  • Everyone's availability. When are your guests available? Choose a central date range that works for everyone (or the majority of your guests).
  • The length of the charter. How many days do you have for your charter?
  • Your personal preference. Do you have a preferred time of year or date for your charter?

Beyond your personal reasons, the charter company may put restrictions on the dates you can select. These depend on the company's existing bookings, their general availability, and the area where you plan to travel.

Set Your Expectations

What are your charter expectations? Make sure your travel goals match up with the reality of the trip you book. Before you choose a charter, ask yourself:

  • What level of service do you expect? If you expect fine dining and five-star service, you need to select a charter company that provides only the best vacations.
  • What activities should the charter include? Even though a trip on the high seas is an adventure in itself, some charter guests may also expect extra activities or entertainment options.
  • What size yacht do you expect to charter? Consider the size of the vessel versus your vacation expectations.

Now that you're ready to set a guest list, know your travel dates, and have clear expectations in mind, it's time to book the yacht charter trip of your dreams.

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