3 Reasons To Add A Land Tour To Your Cruise Vacation

When you book a cruise, you may be given the option to add a land tour to it. Since cruises can each be somewhat expensive on their own, are there compelling reasons to add the separate land-based tour as well? The answer is yes, and here are a few of those good reasons.

1. You've Already Invested

Once you have reached a destination as part of your cruise itinerary, you've already paid some of the biggest costs of visiting the region. You've paid the airfare to get there, organized your family, taken the time off work, and paid preparatory expenses like vaccinations and clothing. 

Do the math to see if a land tour is a good financial move. Consider how much you want to see that's inland from the port areas and compare it to the costs of airfare and hotel or tour to get back to that locale. You're likely to find that if this is a "must-see" area, you do better financially to stay a few extra days rather than double the costs. 

2. You Get a Different Feel

The inland areas of many cruise destinations are often very different from the coastal areas. Popular cruise ports are geared toward entertaining and exciting the average tourist as well as handling the thousands of people who visit from cruise ships. Land excursions for a few hours or a day offer somewhat of a peek into the smaller destinations, but they are often hurried. 

A land tour offers you a more "off the beaten track" view of the area and at a more relaxed pace. You can visit quieter towns, national parks, and wildlife refuges, resulting in a completely different feel to your vacation than you have on the ship itself. 

3. You Extend Your Vacation

Most Americans don't get enough vacation time as it is, and they often fail to utilize all of it. If you find yourself in either category, why not make the most of this trip? A land tour extends your vacation anywhere from a couple of days to a full week. Since you've already managed to get away from work, these extra days could be spent relaxing or spending time with the family rather than rushing back to work. 

No matter whether this decision is a financial one or you just need to get away from it all for longer than your cruise itinerary, a land tour could be the perfect addition to any vacation. Talk with your travel agent about your options for tours and cruises

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