Four Details To Consider Before Booking Your Private Catamaran Tour

A private catamaran tour is an excellent way to spend a day while on vacation. Imagine sailing through the gorgeous blue water on a clear, sunny day, as a soft breeze of ocean air washes over you. Before you book your private catamaran tour, you need to make sure the tour has everything you need for a memorable day on the water. Ask the following questions to make sure that you know all the details associated with your tour.

1. What activities does the catamaran tour include? Is equipment included?

Each catamaran tour varies with what activities are included in your outing. Some tours are all about time on the water and do not include other activities. Others may take you to spots that are ideal for snorkeling or scuba diving. Still, other private sailing tours take participants to private beaches where you can get off the boat, swim, and explore the area.

If your tour does include the option to participate in other activities, see if the tour includes the necessary equipment or if you need to bring your own. For example, if a tour includes snorkeling, it may provide everything you need explore the ocean. Tours that include scuba diving may require that participants bring their own equipment. 

2. Are food and beverages included on the tour?

If the tour is lengthy, you'll probably want to have a snack or even a meal while out on the water. Since you will be spending time out in the sun, it is essential that you have ample beverages on board.

See what the tour company provides to its customers. Some may serve a full meal, while others may just bring water for the tour participants.

You should also ask if you are permitted to bring your own food and beverages, and if so, what restrictions are in place that limits what you bring on board. Your tour company may request that you not bring certain foods on board because they attract insects. It makes sense to know ahead of time of any rules so that you can plan your snacks or meal.

3. Is alcohol permitted on the tour?

Some individuals like to relax with an alcoholic beverage as they sail across the sea. Check with the tour company to see if it permits or serves alcohol. Some tour companies do serve or sell alcoholic beverages to their customers once all physical activities are complete. Others may permit you to bring a cooler or bottle of wine on board to enjoy as you sail. 

4. What does the price of the tour include?

You need to know what the price of the tour includes. Some tours charge a flat rate regardless of how many people you bring, while others charge per-person. You might have to pay for equipment rental, snacks, or beverages. In some locales, it is customary to tip your tour guide for a job well done. Make sure to research these items ahead of time so that you can properly budget for your day out.

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