Reasons That Visiting A Winery For A Tour Is Better Than Hosting A Wine Event At Your Home

Those who enjoy wine and have several friends with the same interest will often get together to enjoy sampling some bottles together. It can be fun to visit a wine store with your friends, pick out some products that you think you'll enjoy, and then sip them in your backyard with some appetizers. While this is one way to enjoy wine, you should also consider visiting or more wineries for a formal tour. The home-based wine gathering can definitely be fun, but it pales in comparison to involving a winery. Here are some reasons that vineyard tours and tasting are better than hosting a wine event at your home:

Experts Will Talk To You

One of the fun elements of a professional wine tour is being paired with a sommelier who will discuss each wine that you get to sample. The average person cannot perform this task, which means that the best you could do at home is to have someone read the description on the bottle. At a winery, a trained sommelier will talk about not only the subtle notes that you should taste when you sip the wine but also manner in which the winery made this product.

The Wine Will Be Paired Properly With Food

If you host a wine event in your home, you'll likely put together some appetizers such as chips and dip and other common snacks that people enjoy. However, when you go to a winery for a wine tour, the snacks will be at a higher level. In addition to being prepared by chefs, these snacks will pair perfectly with each wine that you taste, offering flavors that accentuate the wines without overpowering them. At home, for example, a spicy dip or salsa can be so strong that you fail to notice the taste nuances of certain wines.

The Ambiance Will Be Better

Another reason to head to a winery for your wine event is that the ambiance around you will be impressive. Wineries are often known for offering a classy environment that includes beautiful outdoor scenery and either rustic or modern amenities that visitors will appreciate. The idea of sipping wine in a cobblestone courtyard, for example, is much more appealing than enjoying the wine in your living room with children's toys stacked in the corner. If you really want to savor the wine and the experience overall, a winery is your best bet.

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