Plan A Trip Along The Riviera Coastline This Winter

If you recently received a promotion at your job and have decided that this winter you will celebrate and treat yourself, your spouse, and your teenaged children to a vacation along the Riviera Maya coastline in Mexico, the tips below will help you plan a one-of-a-kind trip that will be relaxing and entertaining.

Rent A Villa At An All Inclusive Resort

Contact a travel agent to assist with making reservations at an all inclusive resort. A villa that includes a private infinity pool, barbecue pit, oceanside view, room service, and jacuzzi will help you and your family members feel like pampered royalty. If the villa has a deck leading out to the ocean, you and your loved ones can enjoy exquisite meals together while taking in the beauty of the lapping waves along the shoreline. You can talk about your specific beachfront options by contacting travel companies and rental services, like Hacienda Del Secreto. After making reservations, purchase airline tickets and inquire about transportation services, such as a shuttle to and from the resort or a hired driver.

Tour The Mayan Ruins

Take a step back in time by touring some of the impressive archaeological treasures in the area. A hired driver can assist with transporting you to ruins, or you can sign up for a guided tour with a local who has been educated about the ruins. Be prepared to walk around a lot if you and your family would like to get an up close and personal look at each of the historical treasures.

Pack hiking shoes, binoculars, and a camera so that you and your loved ones can climb up inclines to explore some of the ruins and take pictures of the majestic beauty that you are greeted with. 

Go Snorkeling Or Scuba Diving

If you and your family members are seasoned swimmers and adventure lovers, leave dry land behind and explore the Mayan coral reef's underwater world. If you and your loved ones have never been snorkeling or scuba diving before, sign up for lessons with an instructor before taking the plunge into the deep blue ocean water.

Once you and your family have successfully completed a training course, rent snorkeling or scuba diving equipment from a local outfit and take the time to enjoy the beauty of fish species and coral varieties that are found deep in the ocean. This unique experience will allow you and your family members to get a glimpse of natural habitats that fish species and coral thrive in, which will provide everyone with a unique perspective of the ocean floor. 

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